Bridging the gap between Art and Appliance

Carina Riezebos is a Dutch designer and producer. She started her own company in 1995, by the same name Carina Riezebos. At this moment her collection covers three-dimensional products, which tells us about two stories; Art and Appliance!
Art represents the little series of smaller productions, mostly unique pieces and limited series. Appliance is more about the design, like carafes for water and wineglasses, which are sold by galleries and exhibitions and design shops. In 2010 Riezebos starts with here own label, by the name Carina, which will be sold all over the world.

Looking at these themes Arts and Appliance, you can see that these elements are always redefined in a design, which is playing with the space between applied design and art. It is in this tension between the function (the Appliance) and the autonomy of the object (the Art) where the new design is born.

The Arts and Appliance are both structured around the same universal themes like perfectionism and imperfections, reversal and the innersides of the objects. These themes are always alive in the designs of Carina Riezebos and for her it is the essence of being and therefore the essence of her objects.
She likes to make strong objects, things in which you can strengthen yourselves and where you can identify with. She is using the language of the industrial zone. We are living is this decade of industrialization and she believes that this is the language we understand. It is in this combination with the “ most personal and devious” where the product has its potential of being so much more then just a product. It is telling its own stories, of how something is made, a unique process of blowing glass, the creating hand of the master, the indifference to each other, being unique.

It is in this atmosphere of subjectivism to objectivism where the designer feels comfortable and where she is sensing the future of product design.